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Mizucha in the Waves

Mizucha Waves Picnic at the Riverside

Mizucha in the Waves is a surprising video by Arun Herzog. It is inspired by the idea that waves, cold water, green leaves of Mizucha and an innovative style of music are connected in an unique way. May it bring further inspiration for new and refreshing Mizucha stories! The music for this video was composed and recorded by the Mimikoto project (mimikoto.com).

Go and get Mizucha.

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How did it come to the idea of Mizucha?

It is no secret that green leaves from the tea plant are usually infused with warm water. But, already many hundreds of years ago, in the Chinese Song-Dynasty, it was invented to steam green leaves after picking them from the tea plants. If the green leaves are steamed quite intensively, it is easy to infuse them with cold water or even with ice within some seconds. The knowledige of steaming green tea leaves came from China to Japan, where it was developed further until today.

Mizucha Picnic at the Riverside
Mizucha Picnic at the Riverside

Today, it is possible to harvest very fine green leaves and steam them so intensively, that it is possilbe to produce Mizucha. The very fine green leaves of Mizucha are packed into tea bag pyramids, which are perfect to use outdoors or when you are travelling. You only need Mizucha and a bottle of water. 30 seconds and ready to enjoy !!