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SUIKYO – Debut of a new Mizudashi Sencha in July 2017

Suikyo Mizudashi Sencha

It is a pleasure to be able to say: The new SUIKYO Mizudashi Sencha is on the way from Japan to Europe already. Scheduled to arrive in the first specialized shops until 7 July 2017.

Plenty of green for inspiring times: Suikyo Mizudashi Sencha
Plenty of green for inspiring times: Suikyo Mizudashi Sencha

It comes with a touch of Op Art, which moves your eyes and brain like the green drops of this drink. The light and fine leaves from an organic garden bring you an intensive green experience, that refreshes your mind and ideas.

How to get rid of useless stuff?

Enjoy it cold without losing time with needless stuff to prepare. Just put the little bags with the green leaves into a carafe at home or a simple bottle on the way to anywhere. Shake it, drink it.

SUIKYO Mizudashi Sencha
SUIKYO Mizudashi Sencha

This year for the first time, the green leaves from first flush were harvested, steamed, dried and wind-sorted exclusively for us. Finally blended with a certain amount of green tea powder. The SUIKYO Mizudashi Sencha stems from an organic green tea garden in Japan. The garden only uses self grown grasses to fertilize their tea plants. Yes, the solely use of these self grown grasses has a strong influence on the taste of the SUIKYO: A soft sweetness, discreet umami, refreshing green taste.

The first specialized shops in Europe already have the SUIKYO Mizudashi Sencha in their assortment online. Find these shops with a direct link to the SUIKYO below.

Where to get this pure green?

Shops located in France:


Some of the shops located in Germany:




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