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Mizudashi Event at neo.T. Paris, 1 July 2017

Morimoto Mizudashi - Cold Water Green Tea

Like every year, it is a big event, when the new MORIMOTO MIZUDASHI is available again after a quite long break. Because the organic tea garden of Morimoto family only can produce around 220kg of MORIMOTO MIZUDASHI, which means around 2.200 packs of 100g, like a very rare wine of which only two barrels per year are produced, it was already sold out in winter. Now, early summer arrived, and so it is the right time to celebrate the arrival of MORIMOTO MIZUDASHI, which is available again from end of June 2017 in Europe’s specialized tea shops.

Mizudashi event date/ time: 1 July 2017, from 16:00 to 19:00

Location/ contact: neo.T. // 89, rue des Martyrs // 75018 Paris // Tél. + 33 01 53 41 69 76 // www.neo-t.fr

During the Mizudashi Event we do not only infuse MORIMOTO MIZUDASHI with cold water and ice, but also infuse other sorts of organic Japanese green tea with cold water, that are especially delicious when infused cool, cold or with ice. One of these teas will be the fabulous MORIMOTO SHIRAORE, that is already well known by green tea insiders for its deepness in taste and umami. With the MIZUDASHI EVENT on 1 July 2017 we do not only show a unique point of Japanese culture with cold tea during the very hot Japanese summer, but we also introduce of new developing culture of cold tea infusion in Europe, which is right now having its starting point.